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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 19, 2011 1:00pm-1:40pm PST

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quite substantial relationship with china across the board. >> reporter: china has voiced concerns over the new security agreement with australia where over the next several years, up to 2,500 u.s. troops will rotate in and out of the northern region of that country. some see this as a counterweight to china's growing influence in the region. president obama now turns his attention back to washington where the super committee has that rapidly approaching deadline to identify deep cuts. dan lothian, cnn, bali, indonesia. investigators in los angeles are taking another look at the death of actress natalie wood. she reportedly fell off a yacht back in 1981. her death was ruled an accidental drowning. but new allegations from the captain of that yacht are raising the questions. wood's sister is waiting for answers. >> it's confusing. it's upsetting. last night when i heard the
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breaking news, i said i'm happy, i'm sad, i'm scared, i'm nervous, i'm elated, i'm feeling very ambivalent. and it's just -- it's very, very difficult for me. this is a pain that i've lived with for the past 30 years. and now i'm going to have to look at it more closely again as it unfolds, as i will. >> according to the holiday reporter actor christopher joaquin has hired a lawyer. he was on the yacht when wood went overboard. however, joaquin is not considered a suspect. his lawyer says joaquin plans to cooperate fully with the investigation. and a wildfire near reno, nevada, is now 65% contained. officials say they're going to let evacuated residents back into the neighborhoods today. 15 homes were destroyed. at least 40 damaged. investigators say they believe the fire was caused by electrical sparks. 1,000 detroit city workers faced layoffs this holiday
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season. the mayor says they are necessary to make up the city's $45 million budget shortfall. the layoffs could save the city about $14 million. but the mayor says he'll try to protect core services like police and fire. on capitol hill, the deficit cutting super committee has just four days to come up with a plan to trim more than $1 trillion from the deficit. if there is no deal, there could be cuts in defense spending and other federal programs. but they would not kick in until 2013. oklahoma state university football players held a moment of silence last night for two women's basketball coaches. head coach curt budke and assistant coach miranda surna were killed when their plane crashed on the way to a recruiting trip in arkansas thursday. a memorial service will be held on monday. there was a tragic accident today before the annual harvard/yale football game. police in new haven, connecticut, say a driver
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pulling into the parking lot lost control of his van. one woman was killed. a second woman seriously injured and a third woman was treated for minor injuries. the penn state community reacts to the news that joe paterno is battling lung cancer. dropping by the legendary coach's home leaving gifts and food. yesterday his son spoke out on espn on how the family is dealing with being under the microscope. >> pretty surreal. it's almost like living the book of job. job went from having everything to nothing. it's not quite like that. but to keep things in perspective, one thing joe said to me throughout all this is we have to make sure that we keep focus on the victims of this whole tragedy. >> as for the scandal that put paterno and penn state in the media glare, the ncaa is pushing steyn penn state to take a closer look at its policies in light of the child abuse allegations against former coach jerry sandusky.
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cnn's susan candiotti is in state college, pennsylvania. so what more do you know about this ncaa inquiry? >> reporter: hi, fred. of course we all found out about it on friday, yesterday. and what we do know is that the ncaa has ordered penn state to answer a series of very involved questions. and they must respond by the middle of december. and then they'll see what happens next. but many of these questions involve penn state explaining to the ncaa various aspects of their policies and oversight. did they know exactly how their football program was being run? were the right people answering the right questions? did the -- was the board of trustees as involved as they could have been? were the students aware of what was going on when there were allegations of sexual abuse? was the campus kept informed about all of this? and, again, once they answer those very involved questions to
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the satisfaction of the ncaa, there could be more questions to answer. that's just one of many investigations going on here. you also have the ongoing grand jury investigation into those sex abuse charges involving jerry sandusky and what other people here at the campus did or didn't know. as you know, people have lost their jobs over this. you also have the u.s. department of education taking a look at penn state and their federal financial aid may be at stake. the fbi has even said that it is standing by to assist federal prosecutors and state prosecutors, rather, in their investigation, if they're asked to do so. >> and then there's the future of the second mile, the charity group that jerry sandusky was working with. what is its future? >> reporter: well, that's the question. we found out on friday night from second mile, which helped so many underprivileged children -- and we also know second mile is where the grand
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jury stated that jerry sandusky allegedly found many of his alleged victims. we know that that program is now in trouble obviously because of this horrific scandal. and donors are falling off left and right. and so the charity is trying to decide what to do next. they're looking at the books. they're looking to see whether they have enough supporters to keep them in business. and if not, they have to find, perhaps, other programs to take on their work and help all the needy children that it has had access to and assisted over many years. >> susan candiotti, thanks so much. on to libya now, the question is, who will put moammar gadhafi's son on trial? saif al islam gadhafi was tracked down and arrested today in southern libya. the international criminal court wants to try him for murder for crimes against humanity. but libya's new leaders have
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their own plans. more now from cnn's senior international correspondent matthew chance. >> reporter: the capture of saif gadhafi is obviously a huge success for the libyan authorities. he's indicted at the international criminal court in the hague for crimes against humanity, centering on his unflinching support for his father's brutal crackdown on libyan rebels and the uprising that began in libya in february. he's accused of complicity in murder, for example. gadhafi's second oldest son is seen as a key figure who may be able to direct investigators to the billions of dollars estimated to have been stashed around the world by the gadhafi regime. obviously officials of the new libya would very much like to get their hands on that cash. the big question, though, is where will he be put on trial? there is that indictment at the hague that we discussed. but libyan officials are making it clear that they want to try him in their country where he
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will potentially face the death penalty. the international concern is that saif al islam does not meet the same grisly fate of his father. he seems to have avoided that at the moment. but prosecutors from the hague are now set to travel to libya urgently to help decide saif gadhafi's future. matthew chance, cnn, london. still looking overseas where it is election weekend in spain. not hard to guess what voters are thinking about in a country suffering through more than 21% unemployment. details next. but first, it's been more than four years since actor isaiah washington was fired from "grey's anatomy" for making a controversial remark. my face-to-face interview with him coming up. ♪ it gives me warmth. ♪ [ boy ] it gives me energy to help me be my best.
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the number of dead and wounded in syria rose again today. [ chanting ] >> human rights officials say 24 people were killed in the government's continuing crackdown on protesters. today is also the deadline set by the arab league for syria to end its crackdown on demonstrators. police in egypt today forcefully cleared cairo's tahrir square one day after a maifsz demonstration there. when washingness fell, witnesses say police fired tear gas and warning shots. more than 160 people were hurt and a police van burned. this is election weekend in spain.
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voters are picking a prime minister and there are only three real issues driving the candidates -- jobs, jobs and jobs. cnn's al goodman reports from the country with the highest unemployment rate in the entire euro zone. >> reporter: juan jose has lots of time to take care of his chickens. he's been unemployed for two years. one of nearly 5 million jobless in spain. three fresh eggs help stretch a tight budget for his family. and he says there's another problem -- his heart condition, which cost him his last job as a waiter. >> translator: even if you look for a job, it is very hard to find one because so many people are out of work. you don't know where to turn. >> reporter: he's had to move back to his childhood home. but his wife is also unemployed. in nearly 1.5 million spanish households, all working age adults are jobless.
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in spain's deep economic crisis, keeping a roof over your head is a huge challenge for the jobless. jose's family has already fallen behind on the mortgage payments for this home. it's near the medieval city of toledo, an hour south of madrid, where the line forms every morning at the unemployment office. these are the early risers. jose comes later to request jobless benefits on top of $570 in monthly disability for his heart condition. outside, we met this 18-year-old. she's been looking for work as a nail manicurist for two years. 45% of spanish youth are jobless. the economic crisis has pushed the opposition conservative party far ahead of the incumbent socialist in the polls leading up to sunday's election for prime minister. she says she'll vote conservative. >> translator: this crisis will take years to fix. but i think the conservatives
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can solve some of it. that's what will help. >> reporter: across town, this union leader says spain needs a new economic model. not so reliant on construction, which during the boom years, enticed young people to drop out of school for good jobs before going bust when credit got expensive. >> translator: young people who worked in construction without finishing school, they are now unemployed without an education, making it more difficult to get back in. >> reporter: jose finally comes out with bad news. he's told he won't get jobless benefits because he's collecting disability. >> translator: they tell me no. it's too much. i didn't expect this. >> reporter: he says he can't give up. he's got three kids to support and he's just 23 years old. al goodman, cnn, toledo, spain. you know the phrase, the spice of life.
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find out which herbs and spices do the body good next. but first, tomorrow dr. sanjay gupta has a new show on cnn on the next list. he profiles exceptional individuals. this week, he talks to a cab driver turned award-winning entrepreneur and founder of c.b. i hate perfume. >> i can remember scent very, very accurately. which i'm told from even like really excellent researchers at the monoel center in philadelphia that people can't do this. imagine how they can't. but i'm told they can't. i catalog smells in my head. i remember them. i can pull them and start arranging them in my head without even doing anything physically. >> tune in sundays to watch "the next list" or set your dvr for 2:00 eastern time. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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like a complimentary first month's payment on the 2012 ct 200h. the annual enrollment period ends december 7th. we can help answer your questions. call unitedhealthcare medicare solutions. isaiah washington, the actor, was fired for making an offensive remark on the set of "grey's anatomy." it hasn't been easy for him to move on. do you ever watch the show? >> i peek in. i'm not going to lie to you. >> what happens when you -- >> i love sandra. i see her with that owen guy and i'm like, oh, man. >> that was your counterpart, your love interest on the show. >> i'll be lying to you -- i adore me some sandra.
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>> do you ever tune in and say, i wish i was there? my face-to-face interview with isaiah washington straight ahead. first, a pinch or two of herbs and spices not only boosts the flavor in your food, it can actually boost your overall health. that's the subject of our weekly look at how to get and stay healthy. dr. bill lloyd joins us right now from new york. we're talking about three spices, oregano, cinnamon and ginger. in what ways can they help our overall health? >> well, this time of year, with the holidays, we're going to be doing lots of cooking around the house. that includes lots of spices. this is a great time to refresh your stock of spices. a favorite of everyone is oregano. you can add it to your soup every day. it takes less than a teaspoon. we know that it's very good as a powerful antioxidant and also has anti-microbial activity.
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we know the oregano can eradicate bacteria. next is cinnamon. this takes about a quarter of a teaspo teaspoon. it's very powerful in helping diabeticics control their blood sugar levels. it's a powerful antioxidant and works to stop blood clots from forming. and our last one is ginger, another great holiday spice, you can get it fresh or get it dried. we know it's anti-inflammatory. that's great for people with arthritis. and it's also good as an anti-nausea remedy. great for people who get car sick or air sick over the holidays when they're traveling. it works four times stronger than the most popular over-the-counter remedy for car si sickness. >> you gave us the quantities. but in the case of ginger, you can get supplements. would you have the same kind of potency in a supplement or a substitute form of any one of these herbs or spices?
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>> well, it's funny you mentioned ginger because that does come in pharmacy grade. you can go to the health food store or the nutritional supplement counter and get 500 milligrams of ginger in capsule form. it's the dried form of the original ginger root. it takes about 1/4 of a root. you can grind it up and put it in your favorite cupcake recipe. 500 milligrams will keep you from getting air sick. >> a lot of people are going to be carrying around any portion of these spices not just to flavor your food but to make sure you get some nutrients or real health benefits here. >> always make sure they're fresh, fredricka. >> love that. dr. bill lloyd, thanks so much. appreciate that. and happy thanksgiving. >> same to you. >> we'll get a lot of cinnamon and ginger in our thanksgiving foods. now we just have to add a little bit more o reknowireganoregano,.
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also up next, breakdancing like you have never seen before. stay with us.
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time for some wacky video, or at least video that just might -- it's gone viral. something that might make you move a little differently these days. >> i wish you guys could see fred over the break. she's the one that's dancing. but i digress. >> that's right. let's talk about this person who really is dancing. he's taking it to a whole new level.
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>> this is b. boy steph. the slo-mo makes this so unique. >> it's like gymnastics. >> i was a gymnast so it goes through my head. >> i won't be spinning on my head like that. >> it's the same thing. look at the way his body moves and how strong they have to be in order to do this. >> that was like being on the horse earlier. how many? 60,000 hits? >> 60,000 views on youtube. >> you have to slow it down. that's when you really can appreciate it. >> you really have to respect what they can do. >> i do love that. when you're on the road, i'm on the road, you have favorite places maybe, when you visit a certain city, favorite hotels, favorite restaurants. a lot of our cnn anchors and reporters have that experience. so we have an interesting way to allow you to appreciate some of the world's best hotels,
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restaurants, getaways. take a look. >> i'm in duluth, georgia, at one of my favorite places to relax. this sauna is modeled after traditional korean spots popular in korea. they are affordable and a common getaway for families. >> it's very relaxing here. >> reporter: a family on tour from philadelphia decided to come here and take a break. >> my favorite part? swimming in the pool. >> the pool feels like silk when you're swimming in it. >> reporter: the swimming pool and floors are made of jade tiles. in korean culture, jade is used to bring calm and balance to the body, like spas in korea, this one has multiple hot and cold saunas. there are seven. each has walls lined with natural elements like gold, charcoal and salt with temperatures ranging from 120 to
1:25 pm
140 degrees. the ice room is much cooler. owners say it's the largest of its kind in georgia. the spa, just outside of atlanta, i love coming here to relax. >> feeling relaxed already. they shouldn't be relaxing on capitol hill because they have a lot of work to do. congress is still trying to decide on that deficit cutting strategy. but could they use some clever tricks to get the job done without making real cuts? details straight ahead on that. life insurance companies
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and not compromise on taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance. a look at our top stories right now. libyans are cheering the arrest and capture of saif al islam gadhafi. he's the son of former libyan leader moammar gadhafi, tracked down and taken into custody today in the desert. libya's new leaders say they will try him there. back in the u.s., a wildfire near reno, nevada, is near 65% contained. officials say they're going to let evacuated residents back into their neighborhoods today. 15 homes were destroyed and at least 40 damaged. investigators say they believe the fire was caused by electrical sparks. and florida police arrested this self-proclaimed doctor. a man who dresses as a woman. he is accused of injecting a woman's buttocks with a dangerous mixture that included
1:29 pm
cement, mineral oil and super glue. the woman thought she was getting a plastic surgery-type of enhancement. she nearly died. the clock is ticking as a congressional super committee faces a looming deadline. they have until wednesday to trim more than $1 trillion from the federal deficit. but could they use gimmicks to reach those goals without making cuts? listen to what our joe johns discovered. >> reporter: just days from a joint committee deadline to get a deal on large-scale deficit reduction, you might think the capitol is full of hope they're actually going to do something. >> i remain hopeful. >> i remain hopeful we can meet our goal. and i urge my democratic colleagues to join us in this effort. >> reporter: open may spring eternal but as it stands now, a lot of people don't expect the super committee to get too far on reducing the deficit $1.2 trillion over the next ten years like they're supposed to. one of the questions now is whether instead of real savings,
1:30 pm
they're going to come up with some gimmick, that, well -- listen to steve ellis, of a nonpartisan watchdog group. >> it's outrageous. it's fictitious and it's damaging. the scariest thing is that we could actually come out of the super committee in a -- if they don't do it right, we could come out of this super committee in a worst situation than we were that got us into the super committee in the first place. >> reporter: guys say who know firsthand say gimmick number one would be to cut spending that wasn't going to cut anyway. >> the government's not likely to spend as much over the next ten years as they have over the previous ten years. if they just say, all right, we're going to cut all the spending for afghanistan over the next decade, according to the congressional budget office, that would make it look like we're cutting almost $1 trillion when we would be actually
1:31 pm
cutting nothing. >> reporter: another gimmick the watchdogs are looking for is kicking the can down the road, telling other congressional committees to work out the details later. >> you committees go out there, come back with x amount of savings, a couple of hundred billion dollars worth of savings on the tax code, whatever it is, and we're going to require that be voted on on a date certain. >> our joe johns is keeping tabs on the committee's progress or lack thereof from capitol hill. what's happening? anything new, joe? >> reporter: heard from senator john kyle just a little while, one of the senators on the super committee. he says, yes, there was some conversation among members of the committee. we know the republicans actually had a telephone conference, if you will. but nobody's saying there's any more progress. and he also pointed out that while they're willing to work until the last possible moment, there's also a provision in effect whereby if they don't get a deal, there will be some
1:32 pm
budget cut that is kick in anyway, about $1.2 trillion. of course, fred, as you know, that would happen in 2013, which would give the congress plenty of time to go back, change its mind and do something else. so double-edged sword there. >> joe johns, thanks so much on capitol hill. wolf blitzer will be joining me straight ahead for a preview of tuesday night's republican debate right here on cnn. and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
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it's one of the last chances for republican hopefuls to make a lasting impression ahead of iowa's caucus january 3rd. two notable absences, former massachusetts governor mitt romney and former utah governor jon huntsman. contenders at the forum are expected to discuss the role of faith in public office and hot button issues like marriage and abortion. tuesday night, republican candidates for president will debate national security and the economy. our wolf blitzer is here with a preview joining us from washington for the big debate scheduled for tuesday. so, wolf, all candidates, have they all given a green light
1:36 pm
that they're going to be there? >> there will be eight candidates. all the major eight candidates will be up on the stage and it will be an historic setting, constitution hall here in washington. there will be at least 2,000, maybe 3,000 people in the audience. it's going to be a huge event. we're going to start at 8:00. national security, foreign policy. but as everyone knows and as admiral mullen has said, the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, secretary of state hillary clinton has said, the economy is a national security issue right now as well because if there's an economic collapse, that obviously impacts our national security and our foreign policy if the europeans -- if their economic situation deteriorates, the euro zone collapses or anything along those lines. that has major international, global ramifications, national security ramifications. we'll be getting into that. it's tuesday night, the day before the november 23rd deadline for that so-called super committee to work out their differences on how to come up with $1.2 trillion in cuts in
1:37 pm
the deficit. so there will be a lot to discuss, i have no doubt about that. and we're co-sponsoring this debate with the american enterprise institute here in washington, the heritage foundation and some of the experts from both of those organizations will be participating in the questioning. >> and, wolf, all of these candidates need to do well because we're all learning and they are as well that their debate performance is what's helping them in the polls or hurting them in the polls. but is there a particular candidate that really needs to nail this debate, otherwise, their demise just might be short-lived? >> i think there's no doubt that newt gingrich has really been helped in all of these debates because he's come across sort of as the elder statesman, if you will. if his numbers are moving up, one of the reasons is because of the job that he's done in the debates. another reason, of course, is
1:38 pm
because of the flubs, the mistakes some of the other candidates have made, whether in debates or elsewhere, talking about rick perry and herman cain, michele bachmann, if you will. those three really have to do well in this debate. michele bachmann has to do well. rick perry had to do well. herman cain, no obvious blunders, no long pauses, no lapses, no brain freezes or anything along those lines. they have to show they're competent. if you want to be president of the united states, you're going to be the commander in chief. you have to know these national security issues. it's not a learning experience. you can't just say, well, i'll learn the first few months or the first few years in the white house. there could be a crisis on day one after you're sworn in as president of the united states. the american people want to make sure that you're up to speed and you know what you're doing. so it's going to test all of these eight candidates and they're going to be grilled not just by me but some of these experts from the heritage
1:39 pm
foundation as well. >> constitution hall, the place in which this debate will be taking place, much more of a traditional theater type of setting. we've seen it in previous debates, including one of cnn's previous debates in florida that there might be audience participation or even participation from listeners, viewers by way of social media. will that be welcomed here in this format? >> yes, it will be. we'll take questions from the audience. we'll also take questions on social media. in fact, a couple of hours ago, i sent out a tweet tweettweet, tweet, @wolfblitzercnn. if you have a suggested question, if you want to participate in the cnn debate, you can do so. it's not too late. right after we're done, i'm going back to the conference room at cnn here in washington where we have a whole committee. we're going through questions, going through various options, looking at the various issues out there. i'm getting smarter and smarter by the minute on where these candidates stand on the issues. send me a tweet
1:40 pm
tweet, @wolfblitzercnn, with a question. and maybe we'll get it into this debate. we want our viewers and followers on twitter and facebook and everywhere else to get involved and to participate. this is going to be your chance. >> that will happen. that's tuesday, debate night, 8:00 eastern time. the tweet universe really did blow up this past week in large part because of your participation at the soul train music awards. we know you're getting down to business all the time. but then, wolf blitzer, every now and then, you give a go and try to have a good time. thanks for allowing me to be one of your three escorts bloualongh brooke baldwin and cindy mccain. brooke baldwin and suzanne malveaux. >> the music was earth, wind and fire.


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